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Eurodetec International Detectives

Private Detectives

Eurodetec International Detectives - About Us

Eurodetec International Detectives is a private detectives and investigators agency based in Lisbon. With the vast experience of our collaborators, detectives, investigators and specialist technicians, and using the latest technology we are able to solve the most complicated and difficult cases in the shortest amount of time.

Our investigation services are always carried out with the utmost rigor and discretion and the results obtained are reported to the client in serious, rigorous and detailed reports, always observing the highest level of confidentiality.

At Eurodetec International Detectives We have Solutions for:

Personal Cases

Infidelity, Adultery, Domestic Violence, Surveillance, Location of people, vehicles and property (movable and immovable). Investigation of suitability, Background Check, Investigation of Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and other addictive behaviors. Computer research and Internet control (tracking of use, use of social networks, messages, sms, etc).

Business and Commercial Problems

Cybersecurity and Prevention of Cyber Crimes, Business infidelity, Internal theft in companies, Leakage of privileged or confidential information, Surveillance, Internal and external control of employees, Locating debtors, Customer credit information and bank incidents, investigation of suitability and "Background Check" of employees and clients.

Eviction Processes

Analysis, Data and Evidence Collection for Eviction Processes and Disputes (Individuals, Companies and Real Estate Sector).

Surveillance and Control

Static, Dynamic or Special for Individuals and Companies

Eurodetec 365

Special Services / Laboratories:

Computer Research:

Forensic analysis of computers, tablets and mobile phones. Analysis and duplication of hard drives, memory cards and others. Data recovery Location and Remote Access

Special Surveillance:

With the use of "Drones" and special cameras to obtain all types of images

Special Software:

Supply (with or without installation and configuration) of all types of Software for computer monitoring of Computers, Smartphones and Mobile Phones

Special Equipment:

Supply of Micro-Cameras, GPS Locators, Night Vision and Infrared Binoculars, etc.

Cybersecurity and Anti - Hacking:

Eurodetec 39

Cybersecurity Services

Analysis, Implementation and Professional Training. Supply of Software, Active or Passive Firewalls and other equipment. Data recovery. Repair and cleaning of systems affected by attacks from Hackers, Ramsonware, Viruses and other computer threats.

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Eurodetec 40

Anti - Hacking Services

Analysis by Specialist Computer Technicians with the support and in collaboration with Cisco, Broadcom / Symantec, ESET, Microsoft and the advanced research laboratories PCS Cyber Labs With these partnerships, we achieve operating costs well below the market average, thus being able to provide high quality services to our customers at affordable prices.

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Eurodetec 41

Computer Research Services

Forensic analysis of computers, tablets and mobile phones. Analysis and duplication of hard drives, memory cards and others. Data recovery. Location and Remote Access.

Full Social Networking and Social Media researching and real time monitorization.

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Eurodetec International

We follow and exceed the high ethical standards in force in the European Union.


Eurodetec International

All information contained in the reports is verified and certified.


Eurodetec International

All service data is fully encrypted and properly deleted at the end of the services


Eurodetec International

All communications are carried out by e-mail with military-grade encryption.

International Investigation Services:

If you need information or an investigation outside our area of action (Mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira) either in the European Union or in any other part of the world.

Eurodetec International, with the collaboration of more than a hundred Detective Agencies spread all over the world with whom we are associated, no matter what your case or where it is investigated, we can always get you all the information or the investigation that you want, with reasonable fees, or in the remote hypothesis that this is not possible, we will search among all our contacts who can provide this service with all guarantees of good performance.

Eurodetec International

Eurodetec Ethics

Principles and Ethics:

Although we provide our clients with a high quality service, we will always respect our Code of Ethics and, under no circumstances, will we violate the existing Laws in Portugal, or, in the case of International Investigations, the Laws of the countries where the services are carried out.

For us all our customers are equally important regardless of the type or type of service, research or investigation.

In our investigations, which we always do with the greatest effort and using the utmost secrecy and correctness, we always follow what we think is the most ethically correct, regardless of the consequences and any external pressures, treating everyone involved with dignity, respect and consideration.

Secrecy, Privacy and Security:

After the service has been awarded, an internal service code will be assigned to the customer, with all the information concerning both the customer and the contracted service being encoded (encrypted).

For maximum security reasons, the Final Report and any Supplementary Reports will always be downloaded directly from our servers, following the respective access link by email to our customers. Under no circumstances will this type of data and information be made available via telephone. For privacy reasons, all telephone (or mobile) communications, without exception, are electronically verified, and all calls originating from or originating from confidential, "barred" or anonymous numbers are automatically rejected. All data and information received, consultation requests, customer data, images, internal communications and reports will be permanently deleted from our computer systems 72 hours after the customer receives the Final Report.

Eurodetec Privacy

Eurodetec Fees

Fees and Payments:

As all cases and types of investigation services are different, with different degrees of difficulty, duration and workloads, necessarily requiring the use of different human and technical resources (and taking place in different regions of the country, or even abroad) only after a thorough and rigorous analysis of the investigation request, with all the necessary information about the case or service to be carried out, will we be able to present a duly calculated and substantiated final amount with total transparency for our fees

Payment methods: Usually 2 (two) Payments of 50% of the total value of the services required, with the first payment always made before the start of the service, as an award and the second with the delivery of the Final Report

Payments by: ATM (with Entity and Reference), Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer

Professional References:

Eurodetec International Detectives is affiliated with the most prestigious institutions and associations in the sector in the European Union, U.K. and U.S.A.

APDPE - Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain ( based in Madrid - Spain

ECD - European Council of Detectives and Private Investigators ( based in Strasbourg - France

PIENGINE -Private Investigator Directory ( U.S.A.

IPD - International Private Investigator Directory ( USA

Eurodetec 995

Special Equipment

Eurodetec Surv 2Dedicated Research Rooms

For each service in progress a private operations room. Only in this way we can guarantee the highest standards of Secrecy, Privacy and Security.

Eurodetec Field ResearchMobile Operation Services

For special services, special equipment Fully equipped covert vans to carry out all types of investigation services.

Eurodetec HeadquartersHeadquarters Operations Centre

Centralized Operations Control with real-time access (using 5G technology) to all local or remote departments, field teams and research services.